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Working with professional tools is only effective if the machine is the right one. In the 21st century, the professional user demands innovative solutions, solutions that must link high-performance tools with powerful, precise and durable power tools that will allow professional users to achieve the maximum performance.


At IRIDOI*, we thought that in order to offer innovative solutions to professional users, we had to combine the most advanced technological resources with the best human capital.


That is why we commissioned our Spanish subsidiary Iridoi Dynamics the development of professional cordless powered power tools and, at the same time, we partnered with two of the world’s best corded tools manufacturers: the Korean multinational Keyang Electric and the centennial German manufacturer Eibenstock Elektrowerkzeuge.


We firmly believe that Together we are stronger.

Not everybody can manufacture diamond tools, abrasive discs or drill bits for professional: you need extensive experience to develop the right tool for each material.

In IRIDOI we think making tools for the professional user requires a long and extensive experience. Depending on the material for which it was conceived the blade or the drill bit, we try to develop the right tool, capable of providing the best results with regularity and consistency.

Therefore, IRIDOI only uses the finest diamonds, high-performance abrasives, special alloys steels and hard metals which are carefully selected.

In our catalog, we have considered your needs. So we offer extensive useful information. We have not only grouped the tools by product line for the user, we also indicate which tool is right for each material. This information, along with the technical details presented, will make that your experience with IRIDOI tools entirely satisfactory.

Our excellence in blades and drill bits is based on our extraordinary team of highly experienced collaborators working with latest generation means.

Our more than 25 years of experience support us.

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