We make tools... excellent tools

Mission and values


Herramientas Iridoi focuses its business to provide innovative and quality professionals in the construction sector, with the aim of providing sustainable value.

Our business plan is based on:

  • Knowledge and loyalty of users and customers
  • Strengthening our brands
  • Maintaining our industrial vocation
  • The strengthening of the capacities of people
  • The excellence in the processes

Our vision is represented by the highly involved and motivated human team with the objectives of the company. This team is our benchmark and our differentiating factor for our clients and for the sector.


Competitiveness and oriented result
We are committed to achieving the goals. We are perseverant in making decisions and obtaining means to achieve the results set.

Innovation and market orientation
We offer innovative and quality solutions based on permanent contact with our clients.

All the people who make the team of IRIDOI assume our responsibility to achieve the mission of the Company without forgetting the ethical values.

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