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Catálogo General

Updated May 2024



Diamond cut
Diamond drilling
Pavement cutting with diamond
Diamond blades for stone
Eibenstock Power Tools
Construction Drill Bits
Tools for wood
Manual abrasives
Industrial Metal Brushes
Carbide Rotary Burrs
HSS – Metal
Bi-Metal Drill Bits – HSS G2 – TCT – Hollow
Dust management
Keyang Power Tools

Also consult our Benton Ibérica General Catalog with our wide range of construction hand tools.


Hand cutting tools
Scissors and pliers
Pliers, cable cutters and pipe cutters
Applicators for silicones, sealants and adhesives
Measurement and adjustment
Construction and ceramic tools
Levelers, wedges and crossheads
Machines for construction and industry
Screwdriver bits
Professional screwdrivers
Hexagon offset wrenches
Workshop keys
socket wrenches
Assembly and storage
Machines for construction and industry