We make tools... excellent tools


Spirit of improvement
Determination to build the future

IRIDOI Tools is integrated by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the field of cutting and drilling tools, highly skilled and trained in the different uses and applications of the construction industry. The fact of sharing seniority within the company makes all of them are aligned with the strategic vision of the company and that the interdepartmental coordination is perfect, resulting in the success of the objectives, based on leadership and motivation.

We understand that we are part of a team that designs, builds and serves the needs posed by our clients.


Our team is built based on:
  • A demanding selection process
  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of teamwork
  • Specific training to ensure the success of our advice to construction professionals
  • Highly qualified staff


We want our customers are always satisfied, so we offer the best quality to what we do a daily monitoring of operations and so we ensure that we got it.