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Working with professional tools is only effective if the machine is the proper one

The performance of the tools or the disk depends on which is the right one for the material that you want to work with and on that disk adapts to the work machine.

High performance tools and discs need powerful machines to achieve the maximum performance of the tool in relation to the
material to be worked.

High power maquines from

Ø 115 mm

Ø 125 mm

Ø 180 mm

Ø 230 mm


> 650 W

> 850 W

> 1.600 W

> 1.900 W


> 1.000 W

> 1.200 W

> 2.000 W

> 2.200 W

In machines with low power

• Use discs with soft binders.
• The diamond or abrasive is sharpened with greater ease.
• Machines with low power do not have enough strength to re-sharpen or return the grain to the surface.
• Therefore, the disc “closes” and loses cutting capacity.

In powerful machines

• Use more robust discs.
• Increases tool life.
• Increase cutting capacity.
• If you use soft disks with very machines powerful the binder could dissolve with speed.