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Training sessions IRIDOI* May 2021

13 May Training sessions IRIDOI* May 2021

At IRIDOI* we have just closed the last of our usual training sessions, in which all members of our Sales Team receive instructions on how to use all of our products.
That is why our clients can be completely sure that their IRIDOI* Agent is fully qualified to recommend the appropriate machine together with the ideal tool as well as all the necessary information about them, based on their experience of use.

Diamond cutting and drilling, drill bits for construction and wood, power tools for industry and construction, dust management, abrasive tools, industrial metal brushes, carbide rotary cutters, HSS-Metal bits, Bi-metal bits, screwdriver bits, professional power tools… consult the IRIDOI* Sales agent in your area about all of them. He knows what he’s talking about.

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